Quartz smart photo frame from Aura

auraMany of us make use of our smartphones in order to capture pleasant memories in everyday life, not forgetting the various kinds of food that we partake in hipster cafes and other quaint restaurants. All of this photo taking would eventually require one to stash up their digital memories somewhere, where archiving it properly is going to be a painstaking task. However, not too many people are keen on printing out those digital images for keepsake elsewhere, which is why Aura Frames’ latest addition, the Quartz smart digital picture frame, is here to help you share all of those wonderfully snapped digital memories with only those whom you would like have them see, giving you a hedge of privacy according to your terms.

The Quartz smart digital picture frame will be accompanied by a free app, allowing you to share your favorite photos directly to your loved ones’ homes instantly and privately, bypassing the potentially disastrous monster that is known as social media. It will arrive in a rich finish that will certainly add a touch of elegance, sophistication, and class to virtually any setting or environment. Carrying a similar range of innovative technology that can be found in Aura Frames’ premium line-up of Ivory, Charcoal, and charity: water Limited Edition Seaglass displays, you can be sure that it will ooze with quality all around.

There have been quirky digital picture frames in the past, but the $349 Aura Quartz will certainly be worthy of a place in your home or office. The 9.7-inch screen will boast of a resolution of 1536 x 2048 native pixels, where this LED-backlit display will also come with a 4:3 aspect ratio. It consumes just 10 watts of power, and when it goes to sleep, a mere 2 watts of juice is required. With unlimited photo sharing for your massive photo library without the need for any subscription fees, in addition to a private network of people who can view the photos, the Quartz smart digital picture frame is certainly worth checking out.

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