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Q-See introduces the QPen DVR for the spy in you

qsee-qpenEver sat at your desk at times and stared into the sky, wondering just how your life would have turned out if you had decided to join the army or police force? Perhaps you could be an undercover agent for the government by now, being suited up to the nines and yet carrying a false identity as you infiltrate one of the world’s most notorious gangs, gathering crucial intelligence along the way. Having a video or voice recorder on hand would certainly be useful, and Q-See knows this. Which is why all of you spy wannabes out there might be interested to pick up the $99.99 QPen DVR by Q-See.

Specially designed for the busy professional, the Q-See QPen DVR will look like any other normal writing instrument at first glance. Specially designed with an elegant slant to it, this particular USB Camera Pen has the ability to snap 4MP still images or capture video in decent 720P resolution, which should be more than enough to provide ample evidence if and when the situation calls for it.

Underneath the hood of the Q-See QPen DVR lies 16GB of internal storage, which would translate to close to 1.5 hours of non-stop video recording or close to 14,000 photos. You can use it at school to record lectures, or perhaps stalk that crush of yours, while those in suits and ties will be able to get what has been shared or mentioned for reference later.

The QPen DVR will be able to transfer its contents to Windows or Apple-based computers, so there should not be any kind of incompatibility issues to worry about. Certainly this is one of the more unique spy devices or accessories in the market, not matter how ordinary it might seem to be. Just to be safe, you might want to have the QPen DVR work alongside the Button Pinhole video spycam. Each purchase comes with 3 ink refill cartridges and 3 replacement stylus tips.

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