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QardioBase wireless smart scale does more than just measure your weight

qb-yogaWhen it comes to smart devices, these tend to be more and more popular by the day, ranging from a bevy of smartphones to smart cars that can drive themselves, and smart homes which will be able to figure out just how many people are in which room and then adjust the temperature accordingly. The possibilities do seem to be endless, so why not extend the “smart” industry further with something that has not seen all that much innovation over the years? Enter the QardioBase wireless smart scale and body composition analyzer, which so happens to be a CES 2016 Innovation Awards Honoree as well, which is different from other smart scales that we have seen in the past.

The QardioBase will be able to offer its health-conscious users with in-depth knowledge and a broader view of fitness goals through the measuring of body mass index (BMI), muscle mass, body fat percentage, and water and bone composition, apart from the usual function of a scale, which is to measure one’s weight, of course.

The Smart Feedback Mode will do away with numbers by replacing those with smiley faces instead when you step on the scale for your daily/weekly readings. Vibrational signals will inform you that your readings and analysis are complete and recorded so that one can view those on a smartphone or tablet at a later time. Thanks to the friendly smileys which follow your weight trend, it will further assist you in being motivated so that you can focus on long term goals without having to be distracted by daily weight fluctuations.

There is also a unique feature known as Pregnancy Mode that helps expectant mothers track progress throughout their pregnancy, and QardioBase is scalable in a sense that it grows with your family and can be used by an unlimited number of users as it is smart enough to automatically recognize each family member.

Expect the QardioBase to play nice with iOS and Android devices via WiFi or Bluetooth, and all data will be stored in a secure cloud automatically. The QardioBase will retail for $149.99 a pop if you are interested.

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