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Q2 Cube Radio changes volume when tilted


Many radios go for the obvious dials that you’re used to twisting and turning.  Some go as far as to use buttons and things along those lines.  Well this Q2 Cube Radio goes for a slightly different angle.  Instead of being covered in useful knobs, it allows for you to control it by how you move the cube itself.  If you like having things to toy with, this radio might be enough to keep you entertained.

In order to change the volume or radio stations, you just tilt or rotate the small cube.  It works by utilizing a gravity switch, which isn’t exactly surprising.  It seems to be that it’s still in the earlier stages of development.  Right now they’re just showing off the gadget to the general public, but they’re not quite to the pricing stage of things.  They were recently at an event in Massachusetts to show off their new cube.

Source: Newlaunches

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