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Pzizz nudges you towards dreamland

pzizz.jpgFalling asleep comes by very easy for some, but for others, it is a whole lot harder than it sounds. For instance, insomniacs often have to rely on sleeping pills and the like to little or no effect, and the next day when dawn breaks, they’ll arrive at the office with official “panda eyes” that announce to the entire world how little or no sleep they got the night before. It is said that a healthy diet and exercise will help with insomnia (along with abstinence to what I term the next best drink after beer – coffee), but other than that is there any other recourse? Folks at Medgadget recently tried out an interesting software which claims to help people fall asleep no matter how awake they are. This software has been dubbed the Pzizz – which is really weird sounding when you think about it.

It seems that Pzizz is not what you would term as a miracle wonder despite sounding like one – instead it’s innovation intends to help people grab a power nap where possible, or even leading them towards a really deep sleep. To summarize what the Pzizz is all about, it resembles a miniaturized iTunes player that contains a mammoth collection of ambient music along with a generous set of pre-recorded directions and instructions that one has to read when getting ready for bed. I wonder how the older folk will view this solution as it makes them feel as though they were under some sort of militaristic regime, reading instructions and following them to the letter, but when you’re desperate enough to catch forty winks, chances are you’ll just about try anything.

For instance, in the “Energizer” mode that helps folks take quick power naps, it helps you settle down into what feels like a hypnotic state after a fair amount of stretching, breathing, and listening to the voice and music. Since there is a huge database of variations of instructions and sounds, you’ll hardly find the entire exercise repetitive. Do you think that Pzizz will be the solution insomniacs are looking for? What are some of your own traditional solutions that you employ to get some shuteye?

Source: Medgadget