Pyramid 4 Person Game Timer

Board games do help a family to come together, but sometimes, there might be tiffs that break out simply because one person stepped on the other person’s tail. Of course, there is another rather shady area to be aware of – timekeeping, which led to some board game designers include a timer with the boxed set. Well, the $24.99 Pyramid 4 Person Game Timer is a digital representation of keeping the time, and for up to four people, too! All you need to do is select a color, and when your color face is up, the time will start counting down automatically. This will definitely make board games a whole lot more fun and fast paced, as there is always someone in the group who takes what feels like forever to decide whether to move to the left or to the right.
There are five different modes in the Pyramid 4 Person Game Timer, where it will not only provide you with a turn time limit, there is also the ability to add your leftover time to your next turn, and entire game time limit, and a timer that will know just how long you are taking for the entire length of the game, in addition to a turn counter. Someone is going to start charting graphs of their board game experience soon, I believe.