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Pyle Audio rolls out Doggy Fun

doggy-funDo you happen to own a pooch, and your pooch absolutely loves to play fetch? If you have answered in the affirmative, this means you would have had your fair share of practicing your throwing arm, but knowing how persistent our four legged friends are, you will most probably end up with a sore arm not too long after. How about letting a machine do all the work, while you take a break and actually spend your time reading a book, or perhaps catching up on the latest in the summer Olympics? Pyle Audio (yes, we are well aware that they are a company that rolls out out audio products) has just announced their automatic dog ball launcher known as the Doggy Fun.

Doggy Fun is an automatic dog ball launcher with a ball return bin, making it ideal for playing with as well as to train your dog. Doggy Fun paves the way for busy dog lovers and their animals to exercise, all the while training the fundamentals of playing fetch — regardless of whether it is indoors or outdoors.

Doggy Fun will make use of small (1.5” in diameter), soft tennis balls that ensure the safety for your dog, making it a snap for just about any small or medium dog to fetch. Of course, if you have a large or giant breed that loves to play fetch, then such small balls might not be suitable as they would most probably be a choking hazard. Doggy Fun will be able to train your dog to retrieve balls and drop them into the funnel, and this will in turn cause the machine to shoot them out again. With such a mechanism, your furkid will be able to enjoy endless amounts of independent play, regardless of whether the owner is home or free to play. The launcher will sport a trio of different settings that launches the balls distances of up to 10, 20, or 30 feet.

The plug and play Doggy Fun will come with a trio of mini tennis balls for an asking price of $99.99.

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