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Pyle Audio reveals the PBPK42 5-in-1 Car Jump Start Emergency System and Power Bank

pyle-car-jump-startWhen it comes to car problems that crop up without you realizing it, there are none worse than a blown radiator – at least you can replace a punctured tire, am I right? However, to have your car battery die after returning to it from your holiday with your ride parked in a long term parking lot can be quite a bummer, too, especially when you are just too tired out from all of that traveling, that you really only want to go home as soon as possible. Pyle Audio might just have a solution for frequent travelers who worry about your vehicle’s battery being flat after a while – and that solution arrives in the form of the PBPK42, which so happens to be a 5-in-1 car jump starter and power bank.

The PBPK42 will boast of a range of features, the where it will come with a trio of ports for device charging (including a USB port and car charger), an LED flashlight, and a built-in rechargeable battery, among others. It tips the scales at 2.4 lbs and is compact enough to ensure that the PBPK42 will be able to go with you on your travels without missing a beat. The asking price for such convenience? We are looking at just $109.99 a pop, which is not too much to ask, especially when you take into consideration the amount it will cost you to call a tow truck so that your ride ends up at the workshop due to a dead battery.

Not only that, it is not all that easy to find someone who is willing to spare some time so that they can help you jump start your vehicle – as one would need to have access to the proper cable clamps, in addition to finding the above mentioned Good Samaritan. With the PBPK42, there is no need for a different another vehicle, thanks to the nature of its rechargeable battery. A single charge is said to be able to provide up to 20 jumps to a car, truck, motorcycle, dirt bike or jet ski, where the clamps themselves happen to be compact and can fit alongside the power station in a glove compartment or trunk. Not only that, the PBPK42 does not compromise on user safety, since it comes with built-in safety circuits for short circuit, over current, overload and over charge protection.

Oh yeah, did we mention that the PBPK42 also functions as a pocket-sized power bank? This lets you juice up whatever thirsty gadgets that you have that need some juicing up.

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