Pyle Audio announces Gator Sound Bluetooth speaker

pyle-audio-gatorI am quite sure that you would have heard of Pyle Audio before, where they happen to be the ones behind outdoor recreational gear and home, car and pro audio equipment, and they have just unveiled the Gator Sound Bluetooth speaker. Not only is it portable, it is also lightweight as well as waterproof, which certainly makes the Gator Sound speaker system more than suitable for those who happen to lead an extremely sporty lifestyle in the great outdoors. Of course, who are we to stop one from bringing the Gator Sound Bluetooth speaker to the beach or by the river for folks who want something more serene, such as a family picnic?

In fact, if you love to do a spot of karaoke in the shower, then the $49.99 Gator Sound Bluetooth speaker would also be the perfect match for you. It would be equally at home whether you love to stand in the shower and belt out your favorite tunes, or prefer the slow hum while you soak in a bathtub. Either way, this is one waterproof speaker which will be comfortable with your singing style without requiring you to turn your hair white worrying about moisture or submersion.

Not only that, this particular Bluetooth speaker is lightweight, where it will let you hook up to a smartphone in order to stream music as well as receive incoming phone calls. There is an integrated lithium battery as well as USB charging cable which will be able to deliver both indoor and outdoor functionality without missing a beat.

There are also easy-push controls that dot the front part of the Gator Sound, where it also boasts of crystal clear audio and echo cancellation for your phone calls. Apart from that, there will be a wide range of low, mid, and high sound restoration amid streaming music, where nothing is sacrificed where sound quality is concerned without having to compromise on convenience and durability. A full battery charge will enable the Gator Sound to enjoy up to 25 hours of play time.

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