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A Puzzling Selection of Gifts

Instead of being stuck for what to buy somebody get them a gift that will get them stuck.

Money Maze Bank Puzzle – $9.59

Money Maze Bank Puzzle

Keeps greenback gifts you add in view, but they can’t get to it until the puzzle is solved! Challenging fun for that hard to buy-for friend.

The Money Maze Bank Puzzle is available from Amazon for $9.59.


Irregular IQ Cube – $9.99

Irregular IQ Cube

No more straight vertical and horizontal cuts in the cube shape – oh no! There are now two new vertical slices, creating new planes for rotation, designed to totally bork up your spatial relations. Each turn brings you further away from sanity. It’s madness, I tell you!

The Irregular IQ Cube is available from Think Geek for $9.99.


Electronic Sudoku – $15.99

Electronic Sudoku

* Touch panel function
* Large LCD screen with backlight, suitable for day or night use
* User selectable Easy, Medium or Hard modes
* Each mode can automatically generate thousands of puzzles
* Game automatically enters sleep mode if not used for 10 minutes
* Resume Function: Continue game where you left it the last time
* Submit button allows you to check your results
* 9 hints available for every game
* Reminder function for wrong answer

The Electronic Sudoku is available from Amazon for $15.99.


Magna Cube – $19.95

Magna Cube

The Magna Cube consists of eight gorgeously crafted wooden blocks that must be rebuilt back into a cube shape. The twist is, the blocks contain magnets, so some sections repel each other while others attract. This means they can only be fitted together in a very specific way. Aargh!

The Magna Cube is available from Firebox for $19.95.


Rubik’s Revolution – $21.21

Rubik's Revolution

Test your speed and smarts with this new spin on the world’s #1 cube game.
– An electronic version of the best-selling Rubik’s Cube
– Multiple challenging levels
– 6 addictive, fast-paced electronic games in one
– Games include Light Speed, Rapid Recharge, Pattern Panic, Code Cracker, Multiplayer Madness and Cube Catcher
– Features lights and sound effects
– Conquer one level and the cube unlocks another

The Rubik’s Revolution is available from Discovery for $21.21.


Bloco™ Dinosaur 3D Puzzle – $23.99

Bloco™ Dinosaur 3D Puzzle

Build a T. Rex, Triceratops and other familiar dinosaurs – then create your own ferocious creatures using the same colorful foam pieces.
– Includes materials and instructions for 6 different dinosaurs
– Special multi-colored foam and plastic pieces
– Pieces stack and rotate to create any kind of creature
– Enhances spacial perception and creativity

The Bloco™ Dinosaur 3D Puzzle is available from Discovery for $23.99.


Three Dimensional Four Across Gam – $34.95

Three Dimensional Four Across Gam

Made in Kalletal, Germany, this simple, yet demanding game tests your concentration, spatial awareness, and strategy skills. Made from beech that is harvested using sustainable forestry practices, the game pieces are stacked on the gameboard as players attempt to complete four-in-a-row of the same color in any of three dimensions: vertically, horizontally, diagonally, or diagonally across different stacks.

The Three Dimensional Four Across Gam is available from Hammacher for $34.95.


Cubed Electronic Puzzle Game – $34.99

Cubed Electronic Puzzle Game

Cubed (for short) is composed of four electronic cubes. Each one is surrounded on four sides by magnetic connectors, and each displays 1/4 of the puzzle on its LCD screen. Now, you just have to figure out how the pieces connect together as you connect the cubes via their magnets. There are even two separate games you can play: you can make pictures and icons by forming a square shape, or you can form words in a rectangular shape. All 600 puzzles are shown in the instruction manual, but when you hear the timer beeping down, there isn’t enough time to cheat. Get ten puzzles solved in a row and you win. Fail and you are (well, we won’t tell anyone…just keep trying until you win)!

The Cubed Electronic Puzzle Game is available from TRhink Geek for $34.99.


Three Skill Level Labyrinth – $39.95

Three Skill Level Labyrinth

This is the classic labyrinth game, made by Brio®, purveyors of handmade wooden toys for 123 years, that provides players with three levels of difficulty to test dexterity. The two knobs that control the board’s pitch and lateral movement are precisely calibrated to provide fine control over the tilt of the board as you attempt to guide a steel ball through a maze, marked with a hand-painted path, while avoiding numbered holes; when a marble falls through a hole, the base’s sloped floor rolls the ball into a corner and out to a tray. Three boards have different mazes; the basic-level board has eight holes, the mid-level has 21 holes, and the advanced has 60 holes.

The Three Skill Level Labyrinth is available from Hammacher for $39.95.


V-Cube 7 Supercube – $59.99

V-Cube 7 Supercube

The normal 3 by 3 by 3 cube that nearly everyone has solved has a mere 43 quintillion possible permutations to it. With so many possible combinations of colors and edges, you’d think it was next to impossible to solve this little Hungarian toy, but speed cubers can do it in seconds… blindfolded… with their feet…

So, maybe you’ve solved the cube, but are you prepared to throw what little brain-matter you have left in your noggin for something so mind-boggingly difficult – so earth-shatteringly complex, with more possible permutations than there are atoms in the universe? The number of permutations, by the way, is 19.5 duoquinquagintillion, give or take a sexvigintillion or two. That’s 1.95 x 10160. That’s a whole lot of permutations.

The V-Cube 7 Supercube is available from TG for $59.99.