Puzzle Alarm Clock uses devilish method

puzzle-alarm-clock.jpgLooks like Coolest Gadgets is going on an alarm clock spree, with the Motivational MP3 Alarm Clock mentioned earlier followed by this Puzzle Alarm Clock that comes with the manufacturer’s guarantee of waking you up. If pouring cold water on your face or sprinkling frozen marbles all over you bed still fails to get you out of bed, perhaps the Puzzle Alarm Clock will be able to help. When the appointed time arrives to open your eyes, the four puzzle pieces connected to the Puzzle Alarm Clock will be fired up in the air – followed by an incessant ringing that will not stop until you manage to find all four pieces and place them back into the clock itself.

The Puzzle Alarm Clock is powered by a couple of AA batteries. A quick check with the product page shows that they have all run out of stock, so you will have to wait until the end of March to place an order. Just be prepared to save up $59.00 before you click the Buy button.

One word of caution though – do not point this clock at anybody’s face, let alone your own when you are busy testing the time. Serious injury might result, and I do know there are some people who love testing alarm clocks by setting it a minute or two from now. When fiddling with it, the alarm could ring and the puzzle pieces will spring up, leaving you with a couple of black eyes in the process.

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