Put your cup holder to work

Cup Holder Gadgets (2)
You might find it weird that this post is about gadgets that give your cup holders some real use, you know, make it do more work than just hold a drink. Maybe it’ll be a plate, maybe a juice box holder, maybe a trash bin, maybe even a fry holder for those trips to McDonalds. Seriously, each one of those gadgets exist and can be bought. Excited yet?

The first is the Swivel Saucer Tray which can hold your drinks, meals, books, or anything else that fits in it’s 9 inch diameter tray. The Collection Bin can hold trash, books, maps, supplies, snacks, etc. Anything that fits really. The Swivel Container is the coolest, it has four swivel-open compartments to hold anything that fits (I think I’m repeating myself, eh). The French Fry holder will hold, well, fries, and even has a clip for a cup of ketchup. That’s what I call good design. The Jucice Box Holder is for the kids, as it provides a safe way to drink a juice box, without the squeeze of death, in a car. There’s an air hole and a hole for the straw built in. There is one last gadget, but it doesn’t use your cup holder. Anyway, it’s the Bag Dispenser. You clip it to your visor and it stores up to 4 plastic grocery bags for easy access.

Cup Holder Gadgets (3)
All the cup holder gadgets are pretty affordable, and some of them are even practical and useful. My favorite has to be the Swivel Saucer Tray because eating in the car is always a messy task and this seems to make it a little cleaner. Of course, the saucer is bound to get messy, but that’s easier to clean up at least. Prices: Saucer Tray – $16, Collection Bin – $10, Swivel Container – $10, Bag Dispenser – $7, French Fry Holder – $9, and the Juice Box Holder – $10. All of those gadgets are available from the ImprovementCatalog.