Put those grocery bags to use with this strange chair

Grocery Bag Chair

One thing I hate when getting back from the grocery store is that I’m left with half a dozen plastic bags. I know that they have other uses, so I have a small stash of them, however, most get tossed in the trash. My wife has been considering picking up some reusable bags because they are more environmentally-friendly. I’m inclined to agree with her. However, another solution would be to get a Grocery Bag Chair.

Yes, this is exactly what it sounds like, a chair that you fill with your plastic grocery bags. I’m actually quite baffled at this product, I mean who are they trying to target? Hardcore environmentalists won’t be using plastic bags anyway. Maybe they’re trying to target the poor college student with a conscience. That won’t do either, as the $150 price tag (that’s sans grocery bags, mind you) will be a huge turn-off. Maybe their target audience is people who like to be really annoying. Those kind of people would just jump at the chance to reposition themselves over and over in what could easily be described as the loudest (and one of the ugliest) chair ever.

Source: UberReview