Purpose for Pets Portable Extractor

Purpose for Pets

I remember seeing this news show where the team used special lighting to reveal the stains that we couldn’t see. The result was something that made me never want to stay at a hotel again as more semen and urine stains were revealed than an episode of CSI.

I suppose I could live with stains like that if they were out of sight, but there are times when a stain leaves a distinct smell that can’t be tolerated. The problem is, when you try and find the stain, it is literally out of sight. Dog or other pet owners might be able to sympathize with what I’m saying, as they can come home and smell a stain, and sniff the floor like a dog to try and find that stain.

Fortunately, Dirt Devil has the Purpose for Pets Portable Extractor, a device that comes with integrated backlights built-in, so that you can detect the stain like you’re wearing infrared goggles. As you can see by the name, it is designed for pet owners with a 3 inch scrub brush for those little “accidents”.

You can get it at the Dirt Devil site for about $110, and it comes with two 8 ounce solutions of Dirt Devil Pet Stain and Odor Remover and Dirt Devil Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner/Shampoo.

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