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Purple looks at portable Wi-Fi differently

wifi-umbrellaLike it or not, we all live in a very, very connected lifestyle in this day and age. There are just so many things around us that are hooked up to the Internet, and with IoT (Internet of Things) technology growing continuously, you can be pretty sure that we will see “smarter” devices being introduced as time passes by. Smartwatches, smart cars, smart homes, and of course, smartphones, all of these are linked in one way or another. is a leading global WiFi analytics and engagement platform for intelligent spaces, having announced a revolution when it comes to portable WiFi. Purple has come up with the Wi-Fi umbrella, an offering that will be developed and manufactured in-house.

Gavin Wheeldon, CEO of Purple, shared, “We are thrilled to be able to release our new WiFi Umbrella and showcase our latest innovation to the world. Our mission as an organization is to turn the world purple, which we can now do. Literally.”

With the Wi-Fi Umbrella, this new take on an age-old item will function as an access point, where it is capable of automatically connecting to open hotspots wherever you roam. It will also be able to seamlessly pass Internet access on by broadcasting a private SSID with which a smartphone can hook up to. To combat the very real possibility of running into areas with poor Wi-Fi coverage, the signal is further boosted via its antenna ribs, and the entire Wi-Fi umbrella is accompanied by waterproof hydrofoil and patented ConnectedCanopy (Connopy) technology.

Specially designed to be vendor-agnostic, the Wi-Fi Umbrella has been configured and designed to be compatible with all smartphones, tablets and laptops, not paying any regard at all to the operating system too. This unique Wi-Fi umbrella has a wood handle that is crafted in the UK, and of course, it will continue to maintain its primary function: to protect you from the sun’s rays and rain.

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