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Purifying Cutting Board System will keep your kitchen organized and germ-free

Purifying Cutting Board System
Cooking seems like a thing of the past for a lot of us. Meals are on the go or frozen before we eat them, because the time it takes to make one doesn’t fit into our schedules. There seem to be less and less ‘home-cooked meals’ happening. When we do make it into the kitchen though, there’s always a lot of cleanup involved in the aftermath. If you do a poor job with this aspect, then you’ll be looking at all sorts of tasty bacteria floating around the place you prepare your food.

While a good wash in the sink goes a long way, many are still worried about the potential health hazards that could be hanging around. If you want to make sure things get nice and clean, then the Purifying Cutting Board System may give you the peace of mind you’re looking for. Seeing that these are used the most, and are an awkward size, it seems only right to go the extra mile to get rid of germs.

This is a stand that will hold four cutting boards, and has a 254 nanometer light that will “destroy the DNA and cell membranes of virtually all microorganisms”. Essentially, any viruses or germs that wanted to stick around won’t be able to. Not only is this a neat way to keep your boards clean, but the colored ones could help you know what you cut on each board (meat, veggies, fruits, miscellaneous). This whole setup with four cutting boards will cost you anywhere from $100-200 depending on where you shop.

Available for purchase at Pureliving, found via GeekAlerts

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