Purfect Mood Detector

How many of us own cats and wonder what goes through their minds? First, they will be lying on your lap taking a catnap and then out of the blue jump up and swat at your face. With the Purfect Mood Detector you will not be mislead any longer.

You will be able to tell just at a glance if your kitty and see what his collar has to say. You will then begin to understand a bit more about his likes and dislikes if you pay attention. I know that if you are a cat owner that there has been more times then one that your special kitty has reached right out and swatted you for no apparent reason. But, you did not know his mood. He could have been sleeping and no having a nice dream and you startled him, or he could have thought you were a dog attacking him.

The Purfect Mood detector will glow red when your cat is happy and purring, so you will not have to guess his mood before you pick him up. Cats are finicky and know what they want; when they want it and now, we can at least learn a bit more. The collar comes complete with a microphone and LED that will glow to let you know his mood. The collar has a 12-inch adjustable strap so it will fit on any cat. It is not recommended for cats under the age of 6 months. The battery is included, so you can place it on your kitty as soon as you open the package. Then if it glows, you will know he loves his new present.

You can find this Purfect Mood Detector online for around $13.00.