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PureGear introduces DualTek XT Extreme Terrain case for the iPhone 6

DualTek-PR1It is one thing to own a new smartphone, and another to ensure that said smartphone remains well protected throughout its lifespan. After all, you can never quite tell whether you would be handing it down to an elderly parent after the contract is up, or should you decide to put it up for sale in order to gain whatever little money it is going for then. Having said that, the iPhone smartphone range had always been a collection of well designed handsets, and there are times when people would feel out of place in picking up a protective case since that would obstruct the design of the handset in the first place. Still, there are moments where such necessary evils, if I may call it so, are relevant, and this is where the DualTek XT comes in.

Hailing from PureGear, the DualTek XT is tough. So tough, in fact, that it has been military tested and approved with a certified IP65 rating for dustproof and water resistant protection, now how about that? It will come in an innovative two-piece design that ensures the very best level of protection in its class will be made available, letting you use it even in the rain without having to blink an eyelid.

DualTek XT’s tightly sealed, splash proof cover would come with a built-in screen shield that is touch sensitive and ID recognition friendly, meaning there is no need to sacrifice the iPhone 6’s most popular features so that it remains well protected and in pristine condition. There are shock absorbing corners on the outside that offer protection against sudden impact, whereas DualTek XT’s ergonomic grip delivers a secure yet comfortable feel. Not only that, there is also an attachable wristlet with nylon lanyard alongside a quick release clip that makes the DualTek XT the perfect adventure buddy.

The acoustic weatherproof vents ensure that dust and water droplets remain out of your phone’s audio ports, all without having to sacrifice sound quality. Expect the DualTek XT Extreme Terrain case to retail for $49.99 a pop.

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