The Purefresh will hide the hideous smells your body creates in the bathroom


We’re all worried with how we smell. We use scented soaps, deodorants, toothpastes, laundry detergent, and sprays to hide the natural smells our bodies produce. The one thing that is the hardest to hide, is the delightful aroma left behind after using the bathroom. When you have guests over and nature calls, you can’t exactly say no, but you can try your best to cover your tracks so to speak.

 While you could put a great deal of money into getting fancy sprays, or try staying in the bathroom long enough that the smell disperses, you could get a toilet seat that deodorizes your smells before you leave the room. The Purefresh is an elongated toilet seat that can neutralize odors continuously for up to six months through a carbon fiber filter. There is the option to putting in an a subtle air freshener that will last for up to a month.

There are programmable 8-hour dual LEDs that can light up the bathroom or bowl (dependent on whether the seat is up or down) so you can see what you’re doing without blinding yourself in the middle of the night. This is very easy to install, but also has a quick-release system to make it easier to clean. This is only available in white, and will cost you $119.95. You will need to get replacement filters and scents over time, so keep that in mind if this is a purchase you want to consider.

Available for purchase on Kohler


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