Punch Mug For Inter-Office Rumbles

There is a common misconception about corporate interaction. It’s not always “all business”. Some of the most hardcore mofos I’ve ever known were members of the corporate elite. Want to make a snide comment about their quarterly profits? How about a punch to the jaw instead, fool?!

And while corporate honchos might not walk around with big metal chains and sharpened shanks as their weapon of choice, they certainly find ways to hold their own in the inter-office rumbles. This Punch mug not only delivers the kick of caffeine you so desperately need, but also provides an excellent alternative to brass knuckles for any snotty PR employees.

Sure, it might look like just another fragile ceramic drinking apparatus, but the specially designed handle provides a truly epic amount of grip and force behind your best left hook. The Punch is designed in both white and silver colors.

We have to say, the silver version just looks more hardcore. You should only have to use the Punch Mug once before every other bad mouthing white-collar gets the hint. You are not a coffee drinker to be messed with.

Design Page via Coolbuzz