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Punch Camera responds to senseless beatings


Now here’s a camera that is way better than any of the other types of cameras that give you instant pictures.  Polaroids are cool and all and digitals are convenient, but this tops them all.  With this you get your pictures instantly, plus you get to let out all that pent up aggression.  No more just holding it all back and pretending to be chipper all the time.  Now you have a valid excuse to beat the snot out of something.

In order to get the image that you have just captured on the camera, you’ll have to pound it out.  This is of course tragically just a concept design.  Otherwise, I imagine there would be a lot more stress-free individuals in this world.  The designer didn’t exactly have that goal in mind though, they were more worried about tangible memories.  You know connecting both physical and digital while minimizing materials.  Personally, I just like that you get to thump on it.

Source: SlipperyBrick