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Pumgo Scooter powered by…you’ve guessed it, humans

Remember the panic that gripped many parts of the world last year when oil hit record high prices of nearly $150 a barrel? Taking your car out for a spin then was a much slower affair from the days where fuel prices were dirt cheap (or at least, more affordable), as you realized that your foot is not made out of lead after all and there is no need to floor the accelerator each time the traffic lights turn green. Well, many people have even resorted to taking the public transport at that time as well, while others decided to go green with a bicycle instead. Human-powered transport seems to be the way to go forward, but with lower fuel prices right now as things go back to normal, will the Pumgo Scooter be able to stand a chance? It will be introduced at the New York International Toy Fair on February 15 -18, 2009, so if you’re interested to take a first hand look at it, head on to the Javits Convention Center during those dates.

The Pumgo Scooter features a couple of reciprocal stair-climber like pedals that drive the scooter forward, and it has taken five long years of development to roll off production lines. Touted to be one of the most, if not the most innovative scooter ever to hit the market, the Pumgo Scooter has been given the thumbs up by authorities in the medical field for its ability to work the body’s core for a complete workout. According to Dr. Batchelor, an Atlanta sports medicine doctor that specializes in the treatment of athletic injury, “Riding the Pumgo simulates the feeling of being on a stair climber, skateboard, surfboard, and bicycle all at the same time. Bowling, golf, push scooter riding, and skateboarding are all exercises that only work out one side of the body, leading to lower back pain and muscle imbalance.”

Just don’t blame us if you get dirty looks from your co-workers for turning up in a sweaty suit at work as you ride the Pumgo Scooter there.

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7 thoughts on “Pumgo Scooter powered by…you’ve guessed it, humans”

  1. WOW WEE! I’ve never seen this before in my entire life. Who knew I’d see these type of gadgets in my life time. I only ride horses to work and back to my little house on the prairie. Come on geniuses! Put your mind to better use then gadgets that have been already invented. Do something more constructive then waste your electrical electrons on toys.

  2. Oh my goodness… Five years to perfect a scooter. I guess the greatest mind are Polish after all and not American. We’re too busy farting around with toys. While great minds like Albert Einstein won the noble prize. He wasn’t American for all you ignorant people who never paid attention in class- he was Polish so all those Polish jokes about them being dumb was a way for us Americans to make ourselves feel better because we can’t match their intellectual geniuses.

  3. Obviously it has peddals…its right there in the pic. The question is, why the frik would you choose this over a bike?

  4. WOW! I got my Pumgo today and I must say it is definitely a workout.

    I take it to work where as I scoot on my lunch break to local restaurants where I get asked constantly “Where can I get one?”.

    The best part is I fold it up and place it in the trunk of my car and when I get to work there is never any parking spaces so now when I have to park in the rear of the parking lot I pop open my trunk and Woopsie my Pumgo to the front door, then fold it down and take in to work where it sits next to my desk.

    I live in Atlanta and lunch time can be hectic, but not for me.

    Thanks Pumgo!

  5. Your co-workers will probably be willing to forgive you for showing up sweaty to work…

    But they’ll never forgive you after seeing what you just rode in on…


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