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The Pulse Jump Rope takes away your energy and gives it to your phone

Pulse Jump Rope
We are in an age of multi-tasking. We talk with friends through video chats while eating lunch on our break, play games on the bus ride home, and listen to music during all of it. We don’t like sitting still, and even through we’re moving as fast as we can, it still doesn’t feel like we’re being efficient enough with our time.

If you want to feel as though you’re killing two birds with one stone, then the Pulse Jump Rope is just the way to do it. This harnesses kinetic energy when you’re playing with it, and turns it into an electrical juice box for your gizmos. If you were wanting to start exercising a bit more, this would be a great way to motivate you out of your chair.

We all dash like mad to an outlet, but if you only had to jump rope for a few minutes to get hours of power, then it would certainly be worth it. Well, if you think $129 is worth something you may or may not enforce into your daily regimen. This would be nice to have around as an emergency backup battery, as it would only take a little effort on your end to get things charged up. If you’re in an emergency situation, it’s likely you’re in a power outage and will be looking for something to do anyhow.

Available for purchase on unchartedplay, found via Dvice

1 thought on “The Pulse Jump Rope takes away your energy and gives it to your phone”

  1. This is awesome. It is a motivation to get me to work out, especially in desperation when my phone’s almost out of battery 🙂

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