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The Pub-Nub offers a fun way to open bottles

pub-nubAfter a particularly long and difficult day at work, it would be nice to unwind at the local pub. In fact, knocking back some pints would work very well for some of us, although there are also folks out there who have a very low level of alcohol tolerance. Having said that, it is always advantageous to have some kind of bottle opener handy just in case, unless you are pretty adept with your teeth. The $23.09 Pub-Nub might be worth a purchase as a portable tool, where you get a fun way to open bottles in either Matte Black or Matte Silver colors.

Basically, the Pub-Nub happens to be a bottle opener attachment that will play nice with your handlebars, allowing you to drink while you are on the move on your bicycle or motorcycle. After all, there is only one more thing left for you to figure out – that is, how the heck are you going to carry around that bottle of booze (or even a few bottles) while you ride? This bike mounted bottle opener is crafted from aluminium and rubber, and it looks to be the perfect addition to any two-wheeled piece of transport. Definitely one of the more creative bottle openers that we have seen for sure.

2 thoughts on “The Pub-Nub offers a fun way to open bottles”

  1. this is downright ridiculous, first off even riding a bicycle and drinking is a criminal offence and to top it off this is promoting and encouraging people to drink,what the he’ll has this world come to

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