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PS Vita gets Skype app

The PS Vita is Sony’s most recent portable gaming console, signaling an end to the era of the PSP while ushering in a new age of top notch hardware. The thing is, great hardware without the right kind of software is never going to take off in a big way, and the same applies to Sony and their PS Vita. Sure, the PS Vita does look fantastic from all angles when you think about it, not to mention having a touch sensitive back area that adds another dimension to your portable gaming sessions, but software developers have yet to fully take advantage of this gaming control scheme. Well, games are not the only items that will run on the PS Vita. There are productivity apps as well thrown into the mix, although one would think that you would not get much work done on what is primarily a portable gaming console. Still, you can now keep in touch with family and friends over Skype on the PS Vita with the latest Skype Video and Voice calling app that has been made available of PS Vita owners over at the PlayStation Store. This would mean once you have installed the app and signed in using your Skype account, you can go ahead and make free Skype calls on the PS Vita itself. This allows you to keep in touch with gamers worldwide regardless of where you are, Skype is available for both the 3G/Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi models of the PS Vita. This version of Skype will deliver free Skype-to-Skype voice calling, and high-quality video calls that make use of the PS Vita’s front and rear cameras. Whenever you are gaming or running applications other than Skype, the Skype app will runs in “background mode” to make sure you are not interrupted. If you feel that you want to make that phone call to a landline or cellphone in a different country, how about ponying up a little bit of extra money in exchange for some Skype credit so that you can enjoy one of the cheapest calls to landlines and mobile straight from your PS Vita itself? Yes, it is going to look rather weird talking to a portable game console all by yourself, but at least it is a start. Do bear in mind that not all games and applications will “pause” during a call, so that is something to take into consideration before you go ahead and make full use of the Skype app for PS Vita. Press Release]]>

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