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Provide heat for chilly feet with this aromatic foot warmer

Foot warmer

If you are a perpetually cold person, there are not many times where the ambient temperature is pleasant to be in. Despite multiple layers and blankets, your feet and arms are always frigid. Even when you’re at home it’s hard not to turn the heat on at night in the summer. You’ve likely already discovered some methods of dealing with the chill, but that doesn’t mean you’re not scouting for more ways to keep warm.

If your feet always feel like ice blocks, then having a way to warm them up would be ideal. This Hot Air Roomy Aroma Feet Warmer will act as a little toaster for your feet and ankles, while simultaneously emitting a pleasant aroma. It’s just a warmer with pockets for your feet that has aroma packs which will help you relax while leaving your life of cold behind. Of course, the feet pockets are removable and can be washed, lest you want the smell of your feet to overpower the scent you choose to put in.

There is a timer of 30 minutes for one cycle, and there are safety settings so that you don’t overheat. This is available in red, white, and brown, and comes with two aroma packs. All of the directions are in Japanese, but that doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to figure out how it works. It is a bit large, so storage will be awkward, but if you’re going to spend around $470 on something, chances are you’re actually going to put it to use.

Available for purchase on Japantrendshop