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Proper Home Cinema Seats

Home Cinema seats

If you’ve got the money to have a dedicated room as your home cinema, and you want to make the cinema experience complete (and then some), you need these, Oscar Home Cinema Seating.

Don’t let others stop you from enjoying the films any longer, with the Oscar Home Cinema Seating. Create your very own home theatre using these extremely comfortable and luxurious seats. Available in a three seater version or a single seater version in black leather or red microfibre each comes with a beverage cooler/warmer, motorized wall-a-way incliner, spring cell core, storage box, anti slip footrest and massage system.

The three seater version is set up like your usual cinema seats with the central chair sharing the middle armrests but are much more comfortable and motorized wall-a-way incliner system which gives you the ability to adjust the back and foot rests to suit your needs. The massage system features 10 vibrators with 3 programmes and lumbar heating capabilities.

There’s no word on price yet, but if you need to ask the price you probably can’t afford them. Available from 20th July from Watch Drink Stuff.

2 thoughts on “Proper Home Cinema Seats”

  1. 3 seater black leather ~2500 GBP
    3 seater red fiber ~2000 GBP
    1 seater black leather ~975 GBP
    1 seater red microfibre ~795 GBP

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