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Self Propelled Aquanaut’s Suit is a rich boy’s toy

aquanautIf you happen to have plenty of dosh to spare, and are sick and tired of purchasing the latest sports car to add to your garage that is already bursting at its seams, what do you do? Sure, you can also go ahead and do the altruistic thing by setting up a trust fund or being a philanthropist, but are there other ways to spend your money? How about looking at something that is able to work under the sea? I am referring to the $825,000 Self Propelled Aquanaut’s Suit. Yes sir, it is going to cost close to a million dollars, but imagine what you can do with that kind of financial outlay.

The Self Propelled Aquanaut’s Suit will be able to maintain sea level air pressure while enabling descents to 1,000′ below the water’s surface. Not quite 10,000 leagues under the sea, but definitely deeper than anything you have ever done compared to your previous diving and snorkeling trips. This is one suit that provides access to coral reefs, shipwrecks, and the sea floor thanks to 24 sealed and integrated A536 aluminium alloy rotary joints which allow you to be very mobile while protected from the pressure. A quartet of 1.6-horsepower thrusters integrated into the suit provide vertical, horizontal, and rotational movement, while there are two 150-watt LED lights that work together to illuminate underwater subjects with 19,200 lumens. Each purchase will come with its own comprehensive training to get you started.

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