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Pronto Peel is a universal IR TV remote control

pronto-peelWhen it comes to remote controls, you can be sure that the modern home has a whole lot of those. After all, with the sheer number of devices that are in the living room itself, not to mention even our fans and lights being controlled digitally these days, keeping track of those remotes can be quite a pain and hassle. Which is why a universal remote control would be pretty handy, but Pronto has decided to narrow down the fields further with the $49.99 Pronto Peel, a universal IR TV remote control specially meant for iOS devices.

In other words, with the Pronto Peel, your iOS-powered device gets all the more versatile, as it can now control up to 8 different IR devices with your iPhone alone. The free app (but of course!) will be compatible with devices running iOS 7 or above, and the Peel base unit’s IR blaster emits signals in a 360° radius, which means it is a whole lot more flexible than having to point at a specific device. It will rely on Bluetooth Smart (LE) to connect to the Peel base unit, boasting of a wireless range of 80 feet. It has an average battery life of a year with the quartet of AA batteries powering it.