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Pronto intends to turn your iPhone into a universal remote control

prontoUniversal remote controls do not seem to be in vogue, but what if your smartphone could be transformed in order to have it work as such? This is what Pronto intends to do, by working alongside the Peel Smart Remote app in order to turn your iPhone into a personalized universal remote control. In other words, it brings the phrase “there’s an app for that” to a whole new level. Pronto would have enabled your iPhone to be a solitary point of focused control for your collection of entertainment devices, TVs, set-top boxes, DVDs and Blu-ray players. In other words, you can kiss goodbye to having to switch between standard remotes.

This would allow you to centralize control of your TV entertainment, not to mention personalize it whenever you opt to pair up the Pronto with the free Peel Smart Remote app. Peel are the ones behind the customized viewing recommendations that are based on your interests and viewing habits. This means that the likes of Live TV, DVR and streaming media will remain at your fingertips, and your TV guide would be one that ends up in your hand. Apart from that, the Peel app would also pave the way for you to keep up with all your favorite programs, sending reminders your way so that you will be aware of the season’s hottest shows including Gotham, Modern Family, How to Get Away with Murder and other top TV series.

Setting it up is a snap, as the palm-sized Pronto will be able to fit into the smallest of nooks and crannies, sporting a sleek black design that ought to be able to blend in with just about any home décor. Bluetooth Smart paves the way for reliable connection with your iPhone, while Pronto has an optional IR extension cable for users to store multiple entertainment devices in a cabinet and still retain the ability to control the TV, ensuring that your entertainment center remains clutter-free with boxes and cables being out of sight.

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