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Projector screen makes HDTV old school


It will remind you of film strip day at school, but this retractable, 184 inch projector screen is a great way to watch your projection screen HDTV. With a viewing area of 90 x 160 inches, the screen can be used for both front and rear-projection models, and screen’s micro-perforated material can maintain the quality sound from any video presentation.


DaLite closeup

The company, dubbed “Da-Lite,” has screens for home theater and business conference applications, with models available including Contour (for that Cinerama feel), Advantage Deluxe, Advantage, Boardroom and Director in front projection and the Tensioned Contour, Tensioned Advantage Deluxe, Tensioned Advantage and Tensioned Director in front projection and rear projection. The narrow profile allows the case to be mounted on the wall, inside a soffit or suspended from a ceiling, while it’s tab-guide tensioning system features an easily adjustable slat bar design to provides additional tensioning at the bottom of the screen to maintain a perfectly flat viewing surface.

The DaLite website also has a “choose the right screen” web utility that makes it easy to find the perfect screen for your home theater, with the aim to have an ideal screen size that occupies a minimum of a 30° field of view for the audience.

Prices vary according to size and application.

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