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First Projector on a camera: The Nikon Coolpix S1000pj

nikon-s1000pj1I’ve covered mini-projectors several times on this blog, greatly anticipating the day when every consumer has one. Yesterday, a landmark was made as Nikon announced that its Coolpix S1000pj will include a miniature LED projector.

This 12.1 megapixel camera comes with a 2.7 inch LCD viewscreen, a 5x wide-angle NiKKOR lens, and can capture HD video at 1280 x 720 pixels. Oh, by the way, Nikon also put out three other cameras, but who really cares about that, let’s talk about the projector on the S1000pj!

All the user needs is a flat surface and he or she can beam their images to a 40-inch size. The user can also mix music, and create effects along with transitions for these pictures.

So, is this the beginning of a new age of photography? In all honesty, I kind of hope not. After all, we already live in an age where people who want to share their photos can just put them on their iPod, or just show them on the digital camera itself. I mean, you could practically show a picture of you sharing your pictures.

Does anyone want to be the annoying guy or girl who just “has to” show his or her photos to everyone? Now that person is going to have a captive audience as they projecting their pics on any flatscreen nearby. My advice: have an excuse ready to leave the room.

Of course, current miniature projector technology has always been somewhat weak at best. I’m guessing that the S1000pj will seem antique within a few years. You should think before you purchase one, as it will set you back about $430.


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1 thought on “First Projector on a camera: The Nikon Coolpix S1000pj”

  1. As a keen photographer, only recently converted to (high-end) digital camera, I can only agree that such gimmicks do nothing for the new age of photography.
    But as mother of two teenagers, I also know that this will be top of their birthday lists. What do they spend their time doing? Photographing and filming friends, and having a great time laughing at the results. If instead of all struggling to see the LCD monitor, they can instantly beam onto a nearby surface, they will be on cloud nine. At birthday parties and so on I used to plug their cameras into the video slot of the tv for the highligh of the evening – enjoying the crazy videos they made. Or upload to my Mac and burn CDs for their friends – but that took far too much time.
    Now older, but not necessarily wiser!, they don’t mess around with friends at home – so no tv nearby. So I can quite imagine that a video projector camera will be a super hit. After all, they are completely used to spending hours watching fuzzy mini-format videos on youtube. And for the price, well they would have to share one and promise not to ask for a new ipod or mobile phone for christmas.

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