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Project Nursery has a slew of new baby monitors

project-nurseryHaving a baby can be a very exciting time for parents, especially if they are new parents. There will be a whole lot of doting on to do, not to mention making sure that the little one is well kept and under surveillance all the time. Of course, when the new parents want some quiet time of their own, they might want to still keep an eye on the baby — which is why baby monitors are so useful. Gone are the days when baby monitors comprised of just sending audio, as the new generation of baby monitors do video, and then some. Enter the Project Nursery Baby Monitor, which boasts of what it deems to be the world’s smallest companion Mini Monitor.

With the Project Nursery Baby Monitor, this is a sophisticated look at the traditional baby monitor, as parents can check in on baby day and night, all thanks to a 2.4 GHz static-free digital wireless transmission as it offers a safe and secure encrypted connection. It is also perfect for passing off to the babysitter or grandparents, and since no mobile device is required, they will not miss a single moment while using other apps on their phone.

Not only that, the Project Nursery Baby Monitor comes with a pair of convenient video displays: the world’s smallest 1.5” audio and video Mini Monitor, which is ideal for you to tote it around wherever you are at home while keeping a watchful eye on the little one, while the 5” High-Definition LCD Parent Unit will do just fine being placed on your nightstand or kitchen counter so that you can check in on baby as it sports best-in-class battery life for extended use.

To ensure that the Project Nursery Baby Monitor is well received, it will boast of luxurious, high-end design finishes that blend seamlessly into any nursery, while high definition video and secure wireless technology would provide additional peace of mind to parents since they can then focus on simplicity, style and safety.

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