Project Inkwell and IDEO create the Spark

There has been a lot of press surrounding the “One Laptop per Child” campaign, but there is a similar concept presented by IDEO and Project Inkwell called the Spark.

Project Inkwell has a goal to “increase the size and effectiveness of the K-12 education technology market by managing the synthesis of functional specifications for a ubiquitous computing platform”. In other words, they want to put easy-to-use mobile devices into the hands of the students, so they can learn anytime and anywhere.

The Spark uses wireless networking for Internet-based learning. This allows the student to learn in any environment, and the company believes that students at the K-12 level will learn better on these laptop computers.

As you can see, the Spark takes the concept of a laptop and a desktop and merges the two. There is a zipper pocket designed for a spare battery and even a Bluetooth wireless mouse. I couldn’t help but notice the skinny keyboard, and wondered if this is some record for the skinniest.

Perhaps we will live in a day where everyone has the Spark, and perhaps this will usher in a new age of home-schooling. Then other underdeveloped countries will be able to get an education as well.


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