Programmable Tea Thermometer and Timer


For some it takes years of toying to discover exactly how long to let their tea brew.  It’s made especially complicated by the fact that there are white, green and black teas.  Then to top it off there are loose and bagged teas.  All of that information changes how you handle things.  You also have to consider how strong you prefer your tea.  Instead of trying to remember how long for each type, you can have an electronic device to work it out for you.

This Tea Thermometer & Timer is pre-programmed for 18 types of tea.  That includes chai, black herbal, green and various other types.  You can then choose 1 to 8 different tea strengths, so the tea is still made to your preference.  The thermometer will take the temperature of the tea to make the steeping process a bit more precise.  Once you’ve punched in all of your preferences, it will start a timer.  When the time is up the alarm will go off.  It runs on 2 LR44 batteries and the stem is stainless steel and 4” tall.  You can purchase it for $19.95 from Fresh Finds.

Source: KitchenContraptions