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The Professional Microbrewery

All right, so you are not of bartender material, but this does not mean that you cannot own your own bar, right? After all, owning a business does not mean you have to be proficient in the product that your business offers, it is just that you are that darn talented in running it, employing people who are smarter than you in the process. If you think that the kind of drinks that your local watering holes serve over the tap are not up to your discerning standard and taste, here is the $45,000 Professional Microbrewery that you might want to consider as your next purchase.

The Professional Microbrewery is an automated brewing system that is currently used in professional microbreweries, hence explaining the rather astronomical price tag. Specially scaled for the home brewmeister, it is a Hammacher Schlemmer exclusive, sporting a Heat Exchange Recycling Mash (HERM) system that is said to be able to create a refreshing lager, a spirited Hefe-weizen, or even a full-bodied stout. All you need to do is enter a recipe over an integrated touch screen computer, and the 15-gallon hot liquor tank will get to work right away.