Professional Fit Fur Life Treadmill

I read somewhere that you can drive a dog nuts by having it walk on a treadmill, because if you follow Cesar Millan’s school of thought, dogs need their daily walk to burn away mental and physical energy, and doing so on a treadmill is not going to work. Surely there are others who dispute this, and for those who prefer to take the risk of walking in the comfort of their own homes with their pooches, there is always the Professional Fit Fur Life Treadmill that will set you back by a whopping £2,535. Yes sir, that is no chump change for sure!
Perhaps it is better used to rehabilitate injured animals, since that was why it was developed for in the first place anyways, in addition to training service dogs. If you’re one of the more exclusive folks who bring your cat for walks, then this might also be worth looking into, no? No idea on whether your dog is going to love this or not, as the noise or unfamiliar manner might just be a huge turn off, which means you would have just blown more than two thousand quid on a really, really large paperweight in your living room.
On the bright side, at least you can walk on it – all alone if Fido prefers to lie down there and whimper in the corner because he wants to experience real trees and chase rabbits across the meadow.

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