Two new products based on the Rubik’s Cube

Rubiks CubesAh, Rubiks’ Cube, you just won’t die. Ever since your flash in the pan fad heyday in the early eighties, you still have a little glow left even today.

Perhaps this is why some designer made a Rubik’s Lamp. It is made of 26 smaller cube-like pieces that somehow fit together. The end result is some sort of multi-colored lighting experience that will only be un-trippy if you solve the puzzle.

The next Rubik’s Cube is tied into a franchise. I suppose that you could make a Rubik’s Cube out of anything with some stickers, and that is what was done with this special edition Transformers AllSpark.

Yes, this is the AllSpark that you see from the first movie, the thing that gave all the Transformers life. This one is a bit more colorful than the ebony black one portrayed in the movie. I’m going to assume that it cannot unflold into a Borg-like cube that is big enough to build Hoover Dam around it.

The Rubik’s lamp is still a concept now, just looking for someone to mass produce it and make a lot of people some extra money. As for the Transformers Rubik’s Cube, that is available in November from Milton Bradley for about $13.99.

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