Productivity Boosting Nap Pod

I am quite sure that all of you working folks out there do experience the dreaded post-lunch coma once in a while, as you indulge in way too much carbohydrates and your body system is having too much problem coping with the digestive process afterwards. If only there was a nice and quiet place to indulge in, where you could recuperate in your Odin-sleep, just like Thor’s old man whenever he needs to recover his powers and health. Enter the $16,000 Productivity Boosting Nap Pod that has been described to boost productivity by providing a rejuvenation space for taking 20-minute naps.

NASA studies have shown that power napping is capable of improving concentration by 34%, and this particular activity, if you can call it that, has been widely embraced by the world’s most progressive companies as beneficial for everyone’s well being. The pod’s contoured, cushioned bed delivers optimal ergonomics for napping by elevating the feet, relaxing the lower back, and slightly bending the knees, where all of it will help promote blood circulation. This spherical dome enclosure will also offer semi-privacy; a privacy visor that provides additional seclusion. You can control it from the armrest, and the built-in timer can be pre-programmed for you to enjoy a 20-minute nap. There is also a built-in 200-watt Bose speaker if you want to snooze to your favorite tunes, while a pair of headphones will also do the trick.