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ProAktivo Sports Tracker

The battle of the bulge is something many of us make attempts to fight, with varying levels of success, of course. There are many tools in the market to help one achieve one’s fitness goals, but the most important one is free and still remains the essential ingredient in all weight loss programs – determination and discipline. Have that, and the tools around you will aid you in your journey, where we will take a closer look at one of these tools today. The ProAktivo Sports Tracker is an app that was just released on Windows Phone Marketplace, being an all-in-one mobile centric solution for tracking, analyzing and sharing workout data on Windows Phone devices. Granted, Windows Phone is not exactly the most popular mobile operating system at the moment, but it has its fair share of fans as well as upcoming phones from Nokia and perhaps even Sony brightening up prospects on this platform. At least the inclusion of apps like ProAktivo Sports Tracker will also help raise the profile of Microsoft’s mobile operating system. The ProAktivo Sports Tracker does more than just tracking though, as it is also equipped with a comprehensive reporting and analyzing features. These features will come in handy to inform the user about every important aspect of their workouts, and such information will be visually appealing thanks to the inclusion of rich visual charts. Since sports enthusiasts do not really want to pore through their fitness level data as though they were going through a final year paper, a quick glance would work far better in this respect to help them gain a better understanding of their workout trends and performance over time. Other plus points of the ProAktivo Sports Tracker would be doing away with the need for an expensive, standalone fitness tracking device, as there is no need for additional payments, and neither do you need to struggle with additional website subscriptions – best of all, no advertisements are served, with your workout data stashed away on the device itself. It supports English, German and Croatian languages, and will offer measurements in imperial and metric readings. While the trial version of the application is limited to three workouts, you can always fork out $3.99 for the full version if it pleases you. Windows Marketplace Link ]]>