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Proactive Voice Service handy for elderly at home

As we age, our bodies become less supple and we end up relying more and more on medication in order to help us along comfortably. One of the main dangers for the elderly would be falls, as brittle bones fall victim all too easily. MobileHelp and LifePod Solutions have worked together to unveil a proactive voice service enhanced with emergency response, targeting older adults who are aging at home in addition to healthcare patients and their caregivers.

 This is a brand new solution that leverages popular smart home speakers, helping users gain access to LifePod’s proactive voice dialog management platform with the enhanced MobileHelp emergency response system. The LifePod is touted to be a virtual caregiver, and the addition of the MobileHelp pendant or wrist button to a LifePod subscription will empower users to summon whatever help that is required in the event of an emergency. This cry for help can be directed to a family member or emergency responders whenever the user presses their emergency button. From there, the LifePod service will ask the user should they need any help. When an affirmative answer is given or should the user be unable to respond, they will then be connected to a MobileHelp emergency response center.

With the intention to empower people to maintain independence at home for as long as possible, LifePod has also expanded the capabilities of popular smart speakers through its proactive voice user interface technology. Caregivers will definitely find it easy to user, configuring personalized voice dialogs for their patients and loved ones. Some of the benefits include a natural, two-way voice interface that is not only reactive but proactive, caregiver-configured check-ins and healthy-behavior reminders, in addition to friendly, personalized voice-based dialogues.

Expect the very first version of the MobileHelp emergency response-enabled LifePod service to be made available in Q2 2019 onwards. For more news from CES 2019, please visit the company website.

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