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The Pro Tronic Cob Cutter makes corn easier to eat

Pro Tronic Cob Cutter

The summer is slowly but surely approaching, and we’re all preparing to have deliciously fresh produce again. If you’re buying it at the farmer’s market, you can get everything from fresh honey to corn grown a mile or two away for not much more than the store price. If you have a soft spot in your taste buds for sweet corn, then you know there are a few annoyances that come with eating it off the cob.

First of all, shucking it is a nightmare, and you are bound to find some extra strings floating in the water when you’re cooking the corn. Next is eating it off the cob when it’s hot as lava and you don’t have any way of holding the ends without scorching your fingers. If all you want is the kernels and nothing else, this Pro Tronic Cob Kerneler will help you get to the good stuff faster. This is a nifty little device that will strip down your corn in seconds.

This has a stainless steel blade that will adjust to the width of the corn cob, and all you need to do is press down. The bowl can hold kernels of about two ears of corn before you’ll need to pour the contents out through the spout to another container. This is a $7.99 purchase and is likely better for those who know they’re going to go through a lot of corn. Your arm strength will determine how quickly you get to eat, so hopefully you’ll have enough time before it’s in season to train up your biceps.

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