Pro Gaming Table not as expensive as you think

As the price of acceptable hardware keeps decreasing, we pile up more and more displays and peripherals for our gaming and surfing experience. The only problem is that we are quickly running out of room to house all of our gadgets.

Owning multiple displays is no longer simply a luxury for the most hardcore and wealthy of geeks. Slowly, but surely, multiple display and peripherals set-ups are moving their way into the mainstream. With the lowering prices of hardware comes the lowering prices of hardware space. In this case, the Pro Gaming Table, which features tons of extra shelf space for a fraction of the expected price.

The Pro Gaming Table features a comfortably-placed multi-tiered design, which allows a ton of more space for placing all of your collected gaming and display gadgets. It provides plenty of room for up to three 21-inch LCD monitors, a printer, a keyboard, not to mention tons of extra gaming real-estate with its three levels of shelving.

I expected the Pro Gaming Table to be upwards of $600, if not more expensive. To my surprise, this awesome desk is only $379, which is manageable into most moderate budgets. The only problem is that you might feel more inclined to get a more comfortable office chair, to feel like a king in your new gaming throne.

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