Privacy Shell will get people looking at you

What you are seeing here in this photo are Wearable Privacy Shells. I believe that the purpose of this device is to shield out the rest of the world for at least a few moments.
I am guessing that a few moments of peace is all that you will get as everyone will be looking at you after that. However, I have seen situations where people ignore the strangest and most unusual things. Just go to a big city and you’ll see all kinds of people that people just walk by every day.
You will notice that this Privacy Shell is designed for two people, but there are Privacy Shells that cover just the face, or just the eyes. You can see more at my Source link after the jump.
I suppose that we live in a time where donning a wearing a Privacy Shell actually makes sense. I understand the need to want to try and get away, but using a privacy shell like this is like imitating the head-hiding method of an ostrich.
I suppose that if you were looking for some kind of cover for your public display of affection, this is it. It will get people curious of what is going on behind the cover.

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