The Privacy Pillow will help you to keep secrets safe

Privacy Pillow

We all carry secrets. Some are worthy of national news coverage, and others would make our faces go red if our friends or family found us out. While you can always tuck things away in what you think are the last places anyone would ever look, you’d be surprised how out in the open they are to those who are curious.

While a mysterious box, nook under a floorboard, or the back of the closet are noble choices, they’re not foolproof. Well, the Privacy Pillow isn’t foolproof either, but it would be a valid option to hide something. The secret compartment can hold items such as an iPad, as its dimensions are 24x32cm. Of course, it doesn’t have to be a book or similarly shaped device for this to be functional. This has a patented hidden entry point that will allow you to safely seal whatever you want to hide inside of your pillow.

Of course, whatever you put in there is up to you. Hopefully this is machine washable, as storing candies or snacks in there won’t bode well if you forget to take out said treats before laying your head on it. This will cost you around $30, and comes with a soft touch polyester cover. While this seems like a swell idea, I can’t imagine this would be great to sleep on if you’re trying to stuff it full of secret items.

Available for purchase on Amazon, found via ohgizmo