The Prism 200c Backpack can see through walls

Before I begin this posting, let me put an image in your mind that is straight out of a spy thriller. It starts with a guy like the one in the image, wearing a backpack and leaning up against a brick wall. He then takes out a cell phone and Bluetooth earpiece and looks like he is texting and talking on the phone at the same time. However, this is not the case.
The man who is just chillin’ is actually a federal officer. The backpack he is wearing is actually the Prism 200c, and it is giving him a 3D view of what is behind the wall. He is using his smartphone as a display, and, on his Bluetooth headset, he is instructing his strike team their next move.
It sounds like what Jack Bauer used to do on 24, but this Prism 200c is true. The 200c, developed by Cambridge Consultants, is able to use ultra-wideband signals in order to see through brick, concrete, or wood to obtain a 3-D view of the people inside from in front, to the side, and even overhead.
So if you are going to raid the room, this will let you know how many people are waiting for you inside. Granted, it will not give you a 3D view of who you are going to meet. Think of it as outside-of-the-room radar.
Still, for police or military operations in which room after room has to be taken, a device like this is needed to reduce surprise. The Prism 200c doesn’t seem targeted at the typical consumer. It is made for police and military organizations, so I don’t have a price.

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