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The Primula Cold Brew Coffee Maker keeps you locked and loaded with caffeine

Primula Cold Brew Coffee Dispenser

It’s still obnoxiously warm outside, and until the temperature decides to change its tune, we’re going to keep drinking iced coffee and cold brew. You would think that those two drinks are the same, but any seasoned coffee drinker can easily tell you which is which. If you happen to have a preference for the latter and can’t seem to get enough cold brew, a single bottle of it a day isn’t going to be enough.

Since buying bottled brew made by someone else is quickly going to cost you $20 a day, this Primula Coffee Dispenser will be your ticket to constant caffeination. It uses the same principle as a large-tank water filter, but instead of taking particulates out of water, it infuses your H2O with coffee. This is a 94L tank made of BPA free plastic and should fit inside most refrigerators. Three stainless steel mesh cold brew cores will make sure that not one ounce of water can escape the delicious transformation.

Seeing that cold brew is 65% less acidic and much sweeter than hot coffee, this is going to fuel your coffee fix without being too overpowering. To get this 2.5 gallon tank, you’ll have to part ways with $69.99, which isn’t too bad considering that’s only about two months worth of a coffee supply. The down side is that you can’t really take this with you everywhere you go. Of course, with enough creativity, anything is possible.

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