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Prima-Temp BLOOM hopes to help couples conceive

bloomringIt is interesting to see how science and technology has helped steer the world in a direction where life is a whole lot better and more fulfilling. While life might be deemed to be cheap in certain parts of the world, there will always be couples out there who wish that they will be able to have children whom they can call their own – but unfortunately, due to circumstances or physical limitations, that dream can be pretty difficult to achieve. Prima-Temp, a company that hails from Boulder, Colorado, will show off their spanking new BLOOM body temperature fertility device over at CES.

This unique ring will be used by the female, where it measures one’s core body temperature before sending the readings to a paired smartphone sans wires. Apart from that, the accompanying app’s job is to track temperature trends in a precise manner so that it will notify the female as to when she is at her most fertile. In other words, you can kiss goodbye to taking down temperature readings manually, and your temperature can be chartered even as you sleep – now how about that?