Previous Coolest Gadget Winners are…

The winner of last week’s coolest gadget competition is the Transparent toaster.

If you can never get your toast the way you like it, this transparent toaster might be just what you need. Keep an eye on your toast so that you’ll never over-do it again. Perfect toast, every time.

Congrats again to Decide What to Buy.


Mug That Stirs Your Drink at the Press of a Button

In second place we have the Mug That Stirs Your Drink at the Press of a Button.

It’s called the Self Stirring Lazy Mug and was created by Plain Lazy to hold your tea, coffee, hot chocolate or other mixed drink, and by pressing the special button on the handle it starts to stir your drink. This means you won’t need a spoon to stir drinks manually and I bet this would soon become your favorite mug.

Self Defense SunGlasses

Finally in third place comes the Self Defense SunGlasses.

Following Japan Self Defense Force SunGlasses is officially endorsed by the Japanese military due to their keen ability to withstand gratuitous amounts of force. The lenses will not shatter if struck with a 3″ object traveling at the speed of 106mph!

Thank you to everybody who voted, submitted, commented or told a friend. The randomly drawn winner of the $50 Think Geek vouchers is:

Joel (SelikL…@…), congratulations.

Thanks again everybody and good luck with the next CGOTW contest on Friday.

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