Prestidigitator’s Wallet simplifies your life

Prestidigitator's Wallet

Listen up guys, here is a little something that you might want to take into consideration the next time you are out shopping for a wallet. Taking into consideration the kind of material that your wallet is made up of, in addition to the number of compartments that it has to stash away your cash reserves, how about having a little bit of added convenience thrown into the mix as well? This is made possible thanks to the Prestidigitator’s Wallet. Yes, it does sound a little bit difficult to roll off the tongue at first, but this particular wallet has the added advantage of actually securing folded bills with a mere flip.

Basically, all that you need to do is to insert cash right smack in the middle of the wallet, close it, and voila! You’re good to go. Once done, flip it over, and the cash within will be secured right that very moment under taut and durable elastic straps. This particular wallet replicates a style that was originally invented by French waiters in the 1920s, functioning in a manner where one can stash away tips in double quick time. It does not matter if the wallet is shaken, dropped, or tossed, the straps will make sure that everything inside remains secure. Removing money is also a snap, since all you need to do is to pull it from the straps. There is a quartet of credit card slots that block RFID emitted by chip-enabled cards, so you ought to have peace of mind against identity thieves. In case you didn’t know RFID technology enables anyone with a scanner to access you credit card information, even through your pocket. If you are one people that only checks their card history like once a month, you might not even notice that someone just stole $50 from you.